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About Hamilton Smith (EA)

A leading firm in the Financial Market

We are the leading firms of accountants who have embraced technology at the heart of our services and up-to-date information to help your business grow.

Our team of accountants and tax advisers are all highly competent professionals providing proactive and trustworthy advice to businesses, individuals, contractors, and SMEs. Our service includes Outsourced Bookkeeping, Tax, and Financial Reporting, Bookkeeping & Tax Practical Accounting training, and Accounting System Service. We offer everything one would expect from a great accountancy firm.
Whatever your needs, you will receive an excellent level of service. We deliver this commitment to quality through investment in the best people and innovative technology.
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with attentive & personal service. While we have ambitions for growth, we can guarantee that our high-quality service levels remain unchanged. we tailor our services and shape them to fit our clients’ needs; because ultimately, we are focused on helping our clients prosper.

Our Values

Values that make
Our Success

Honesty & Integrity

We deliver what we promise and always do the right thing for our clients. We believe in being honest from the outset so there is no conflict and confusion in the future. Our approach to working with our clients means our team spends more time developing strong relationships, built on trust and understanding. We value our excellent reputation and are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in the conduct of our business affairs.

Growing Together

As a business, we want to grow every year. But to succeed in this, we strongly believe in the growth of our clients. Hence, we strive to do just that. With our motto- Helping You Grow! we aim to help our clients grow and sustain their business by providing more high-quality services so that we can also grow along with our clients. It is to our benefit that our clients succeed as a business and keep growing.

Strong Professional & Personal Approach

While providing services at a highly professional level, we also believe in maintaining a personal touch with our clients and providing tailored solutions to each client. This gives our clients confidence in our work but at the same time will feel comfortable with our friendly attitude towards them. Balancing this rapport is the key to developing long-term robust relationships and achieving high levels of client satisfaction.

Trust & Respect

Whether it is with clients or colleagues, we build relationships that are genuine and enduring and are based on mutual trust and respect. It is important to us that we enjoy working together. We listen, challenge, and support each other so that we, our firm and our clients all develop, grow and succeed.

Excellence in Service & Team

We strive to provide consistent, reliable, and dedicated quality and excellent service in everything we do regardless of the size and type of client we have. This is our baseline for our service. Our success is based on the quality and commitment of our employees and partners. Hence their continued development and training are at the forefront of the programs we have in place.

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